With over 25 years experience repairing and calibrating Communication Test Equipment and Service Monitors, we are proud to call ourselves experts. We work on many brands including Cushman, Motorola, IFR and HP.

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About Cardinal

We repair and calibrate Communication Test Equipment specializing in Service Monitors.  Some of the brands we work on are Cushman, IFR, Motorola, and HP.  The owner of Cardinal has been servicing this equipment since he organized the first Midwest Cushman Service Center in 1973.  In 1985 he formed Triton Electronics with a partner.  In 1999, Cardinal Electronics was organized splitting off the Service Monitor business from Triton Electronics.

With over 25 years experience repairing and calibrating test equipment we are proud to call ourselves experts in this field.  If you go to our Calibration Charges page you may notice our rates have dropped significantly.  Also our labor rate has been lowered to $90 per hour.  As always, most parts are in stock and we strive for quick turn-around and especially satisfied customers.

In addition to Service Monitors, we also repair and calibrate Frequency Selective Levelmeters made by Cushman and Rycom.  Some of the other equipment we repair are Frequency Counters and Oscilloscopes.

You're in the service business - We're in the service business.  We both know when equipment goes down, income goes with it.  To ensure our customers are receiving the best value for their dollar, we actually reduced our flat calibration charges and labor rate to what they were over 10 years ago!

Each instrument brought or sent in for repair is fully checked on custom-built test equipment.  Calibration (all certified and traceable to NIST) includes power supply, reference frequency, phase lock loops, frequency error, deviation, modulation, I.F. output, signal generator output, sensitivity, distortion, power meter, audio synthesizer, Sinad, and spectrum analyzer.  Special tests are available to heat, cool and vibrate the instrument to bring out any marginal or intermittent problems.  And repair parts? - No Problem!  We carry most Cushman, IFR and Motorola parts in stock, eliminating costly delays for our customers.

Each calibrated instrument is returned with a dated calibration sticker as well an NIST traceable certificate identifying the instrument, owner, calibration instrument used, dates and signatures. 

Working smarter, not just harder, is the key to our success.  And how do we do that?  By meeting all of our customer's needs.  Customer satisfaction is too important to us and is one of our best forms of advertising.  We value your comments and suggestions.  If there's anything we can do to meet your test equipment repair needs, just let us know!